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Past client experiences with meal planning, prepping and 1:1 nutrition coaching

I cannot thank Ashley enough for all of the support she provided me throughout the meal planning process. She listened to what I was hoping to get out of the beginning of my nutrition journey and created recipes that I have now incorporated into my weekly meal prep.


I have rediscovered my love of kale and wanting to put kale in every soup I make! Ashley is patient, kind, caring, and always willing to make time to support her clients. I am so grateful for these new meals!


I decided to contact Ashley for her professional services after having my first baby. I needed some new, easy ideas to get my nutrition back in check and for make ahead meal prepping.


Ashley tailored her meal plans to my specific needs and goals all while keeping the recipes simple and unique. It was nice to refresh my usual go-to recipes!


I would definitely recommend Ashley to any family and friends who want to revamp their nutrition or just get some new meal options to break up their usual weekly meals.


Working with Ashley has been very helpful. She is accommodating, flexible and easy to work with. The meal plans she created for me and my family have been easy to use, offer a good variety and are delicious.


As a busy mom, I don’t have too much time to plan, prep and cook meals. This eliminates the planning step and includes healthy but quick meals.


Ashley’s guidance has helped us get into a good eating routine- helpful for my current health needs, and the long term health of our family.


The meal plan provided by Optimum Life Holistics took into consideration all of our nutritional needs as a family. From food allergies, to likes/dislikes and even our preferences for different cooking styles and time commitments. The recipes are delicious, easy to follow and the weekly grocery list has saved us multiple trips each week to the grocery store because we have everything we need for the entire week!


Ashley really went above and beyond, checking in often to make sure that the plan was working well for us and was willing to make adjustments to cater to our individual needs. We’re so grateful for her knowledge and expertise and will certainly be back for a fall/winter recipe refresh!


My journey with digestive problems had been long and

difficult to manage. The medical field did what they could, ruling out any life-threatening diseases or conditions but never really getting to the root of my problems.

I had found some relief with acupuncture, prescribed diets from a registered dietician and gastroenterologist- but any improvements were short-lived.

It wasn't until I met with Ashley that I was able to gain some control of the stomach problems and discomfort that had plagued me for over 6 years. She took the time to gather detailed information on my history and was able to tailor a program of foods to avoid along with a 28-day meal plan. She also included an herbal tea designed to relieve uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing. I no longer reach for the antacids which had become a common habit of mine.

I would highly recommend Ashley for her professional, knowledgeable and compassionate approach to holistic nutrition.

I am feeling more like my old self every day!


Colorful Fruits

Ashley provided meals that are simple to make, healthy, and delicious. I appreciate how kind and helpful she was in helping me to achieve my nutrition goals.


Thank you for all of your amazing recipe ideas! I’m not much of a cooker but the recipes were very simple and I shocked myself with how much I actually enjoy to cook. It was a blast to learn how to eat healthy and I will most definitely be meal prepping from now on.


Food Preparation
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