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Welcome to the Optimum Life Holistics Blog!

Hello and welcome to Optimum Life Holistics!

My name is Ashley and I am a certified holistic nutritionist who loves cooking new dishes, all things holistic living, travel with family, reruns of The Office and sharing my passion for all things meal prepping and meal planning with my clients.

I’m a mama of two boys, Eli (8 years) and Owen (6 years), and have been married to my wonderful husband Chris for 14 years. We’re constantly on the go between school, sports, family fun and other activities. So I get how hard it can be to sustain a healthy lifestyle for not only yourself, but your family. We live in Western NY - which means we are MASSIVE Buffalo Bills fans! During the season, you will find us spending our Sundays with family and good food while cheering for the Bills.

A few other fun facts about me:

🌟There aren’t many foods I don’t like but clams and mussels are at the top of that short list! Oh, and if I see anything with pickled red onion on it at a restaurant, better believe I’m ordering it!

🌟I’m obsessed with travel and love to plan my family’s trips. And I’m talking about planning trips for 14+ people across four generations. I could totally be a travel agent in another life! We always have a blast and have been to some great places so far: Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Aruba, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Florida and Utah to name a few! Current country count is at 24!

I began my own health journey when I was home with a two year old and newborn, nursing around the clock, and I knew I needed to nourish my body the best I could. This was the catalyst for years of my own research into the healthiest way to raise my family. It ultimately led to my certification as a Holistic Nutritionist through the AFPA.

My nutrition approach is simple: focus on whole foods as much as possible and cut out processed foods whenever possible. I’m all about creating a sustainable, life-long and healthy routine!

I started my business, Optimum Life Holistics, in April 2021 as a way to share my passion for holistic living and all things nutrition. I work with my clients in various ways to help them identify and achieve their unique health and wellness goals. I especially love working with other moms to help them provide their families with healthy meals, especially through meal prepping. Once a client starts integrating meal prep into their weekly routine, they often wonder why they didn’t start sooner!

I’m so excited you stopped by my little corner of the internet! Stick around for lots of great recipes, meal planning and meal prep tips and other practical ways to live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.

In fact, to kick things off, be sure to grab my FREE 7 day meal plan! It’s full of tasty and easy recipes to jumpstart your meal planning journey! Just click HERE!

Wishing you health and wellness,


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