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Sharing about *ALL* the logistics of working with me in today's post!

Updated: Jan 25

Ever wonder what it’s like working with me? Like, the actual logistics of what happens after you choose the plan that’s best for your health/wellness goals and sign-up? Well, let me tell you!

💥 First, I send you an onboarding form to fill out before our first face-to-face meeting. This helps me learn about your health/wellness goals and get to know you a little bit before we chat in person.

💥 Next we schedule a zoom chat to go over your expectations and what you hope to achieve by working with me. We’ll discuss what you want out of the meal plan and any allergies, likes/dislikes, etc. I’ll take all this information and create a personalized meal plan that reflects everything we discussed.

💥 If you signed up for just a meal plan package, then I would send you the meal plan and our formal time together would be done. Although I’m always checking in with clients to ensure they are happy with the meal plan and make sure there are no questions!

💥 If you signed up for a package that includes 1:1 nutrition coaching, then we would schedule out the amount of sessions you chose. In these sessions we would work together to identify and set your health/wellness goals, discuss stumbling blocks to achieving these goals and find ways to overcome them. These sessions are all about YOU and finding the best way to help you create a life-long, sustainable and healthy routine.

😁 So that’s it! Those are the steps I follow to serve my clients and help them create the healthy lifestyle they’ve been craving.

Interested in how I can help you achieve your health and wellness goals?! Email me ( with your current goals and we can set up a FREE discovery call to discuss if working with me is right for you.

And don't forget! If you're curious about what my meal plans look like - have a free 7 day meal plan sent straight to your inbox!

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