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How to Rediscover Your Motivation in 20 Minutes After Falling off Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s extremely common to make New Year’s resolutions regarding our health, fitness and wellness. The beginning of the year is a time for reflection and a chance to look ahead with a new mindset and goals. Unfortunately, for many, those New Year’s resolutions fall off by the time March rolls around. Suddenly, all those well-laid plans are out the window, and you’re feeling defeated and disheartened.

If you’re one of the many who have lost momentum along the way, don’t get frustrated - you’re not alone. As a holistic nutritionist, I see it all the time. We start off the new year with the best intentions, but then the busyness of life and other distractions get in the way. This is completely normal and not something you should beat yourself up about.

Holistic Nutrition | New Year's Resolution Motivation

💥 But here’s the good news: It’s never too late to get back on track and make lasting, positive changes in your life.

So why do people fall off their resolutions?

When you’re trying to make big changes, it’s not uncommon to lose momentum. Making a lifestyle change is rarely easy, and it’s natural to fall back into old habits when you’re under pressure or dealing with stress or life circumstances.

You may also be feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next. It’s easy to feel like you’re taking two steps forward and three steps back. Having too much to manage, especially as parents, can be overwhelming and frustrating.

How do you get back on track?

It can be difficult to stay motivated and on track with your resolutions, but it’s not an impossible feat. With the right resources and strategies, you can easily get back on the path to success. Here are some tips I share with my clients to help them keep up their New Year’s resolution, especially after falling off them. All you need is 20 minutes and a piece of paper!

1. Break Down Your Goals Into Manageable Pieces

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to goal-setting is trying to tackle too much all at once. It’s important to break down your goals into manageable pieces that are achievable and realistic. For example, if you’ve set a goal to run a marathon, break it down into smaller objectives such as running a certain number of miles each week. This way, you can focus on one goal and take baby steps to get there.

I suggest writing down your goals into phases. Use a notebook, open a word doc on your computer or use the notes app on your phone. Whatever method works best for you is the right one! Seeing your goals written out and being able to physically cross them out or check them off your list can be very satisfying and motivating.

2. Make a Commitment to Yourself - Prioritize Your New Routine

It’s easy to make promises to yourself, but it takes commitment to actually follow through. Make a commitment to yourself to stay on track and make it a priority. Make note of your successes and failures and use them to motivate you to keep going. With enough focus, you can make your resolutions a reality.

Make a list of your “whys”. Actually write down why you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Oftentimes we do not acknowledge the real reasons why we want to achieve a goal. Seeing these “whys” written down, all in one space, can be a very motivating act. Tape that list somewhere you will see it every day. You’ll be surprised how much this simple act can help to maintain your motivation.

3. Celebrate Your Wins!

How many times do we focus solely on our losses or what we did “wrong”? Every small win is worth celebrating because it is an important step that has moved you closer to the main goal. Don’t discount that!

🔥 Did you meal prep all your lunches for the week? Then celebrate it!

🔥 Did you achieve your goal of walking 30 minutes yesterday? Then celebrate it!

🔥 Did you make a grocery list for the first time and stick just to those items? Then celebrate it!

All of these small acts are worthy of celebration! All it takes is one small act, after another small act, after another to create a new lifestyle. Which will then create long-standing change in your life. Don’t discount the small victories.

So if you have fallen off your New Year’s resolutions, then I challenge you to get out a piece of paper and take 20 minutes out of your day to do the work to get yourself back on track.

Make a list of your “whys” and tape it on the wall next to your mirror where you’ll see it every day. Create another list of all the small steps that are a part of your bigger goal. Break down each stage so the goal is more manageable. And then when you cross off one of those small goals, celebrate it!

If you put in the work, you’ll see the change!

You got this!

Oh, and need help jumpstarting your nutrition motivation? Don’t worry, I got you! Grab my FREE 7 Day Meal Plan to have some quick and easy meal options on hand.

Wishing you health and wellness,


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