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Curious to know what my meal plans look like and how I create them?

Last post I talked about what happens AFTER you sign-up for the plan that’s right for you. But what do I do after meeting 1:1 with you? Well, let me show you…

The meal planning platform I use (That Clean Life) allows me to filter for almost anything (gluten free, low sodium, by the amount of ingredients, etc.).

I then go through all the recipes to choose the ones that best suit your tastes, time commitments, allergies, etc.

Once I have put together the amount of weeks you requested, I will send the meal plan to your inbox. After giving you a week or so to test out some of the recipes, I’ll check back in via email or zoom to see how it’s working for you.

There you have it! A personalized meal plan complete with a calendar, all the recipes and a weekly shopping list. So when am I creating yours? 😏

🔥 Oh, and did you know I have a FREE 7 day meal plan available to you? Have the plan sent directly to your inbox and you can get an even bigger sneak peek into what your own personalized meal plan would look like!

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