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Nutrition Simplified

An 8 Week Group Coaching Program

for Women Who Want to Focus on Whole, Unprocessed Foods

So They Can Create Their Own Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle

Program Start Date: Monday October 10th

Program End Date: Sunday December 4th

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

Do you want to eat healthy but don't know where to start?

Are you a mom who wants to feed your family healthier meals, with less processed food, but you don't have time to look for recipes and plan meals?

Do you want to stop throwing together meals at the last minute that leave you and your family feeling unsatisfied?

Are you tired of not knowing how to answer the eternal question: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

Would you love to take the guesswork out and know exactly what you're eating for dinner each weeknight?  

Do you want support from a certified holistic nutritionist AND a group of women setting the same health and wellness goals? 

How will Nutrition Simplified improve my overall health and that of my family's? 

You will end the 8 week session with a clear idea of how to meal prep on the weekends in order to set-up your busy week for success.

You will have an arsenal of 4 weeks of recipes (complete with grocery lists) to lean on so you won't be scrolling in search of new recipes each week. 

You will have fun getting to know the other women in the group! Their support, along with Ashley's, will help you find ways to overcome any stumbling blocks, in order to better prioritize your nutrition and reach your health and wellness goals. 

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes
Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

Sneak Peek into what the meal plans look like!

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

Hi, I'm Ashley!

And you're probably wondering how I'm qualified to help you reach your health and wellness goals...

Well, I'm a certified Holistic Nutritionist through the AFPA and I started Optimum Life Holistics almost a year and a half ago in April 2021. Since then I've been helping my clients cut out processed foods and focus more on whole, nourishing foods through personalized meal plans and 1:1 nutrition coaching. My focus is on finding a sustainable routine that will work long-term for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. 

My desire to help women, while creating a sense of community for them, led me to the creation of my group coaching program, Nutrition Simplified. My past group program participants have had great success in attaining their health goals and especially loved the community and support they received from their fellow participants.

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Wondering what past group participants have to say about the program? 

What was the impact of this program on your health and wellness?

I learned a lot of new meals to make and how to eat healthy and still have food taste good.

I found some new recipes that I really liked!

Meal prepping on a weekend makes life easier during the week and helps me not take the easy way: going out for fast food, sweets, etc.

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

What do I get when I enroll in Nutrition Simplified?

8 Weeks of Group Coaching 

All taking place in our private Facebook Group. This is where we'll dive into our weekly struggles and find practical and sustainable way to overcome the obstacles we face when trying to priortize our nutrition. 

4 Weeks of Meal Plans

These meal plans will be focused on meal planning/prepping. If you've never done that before - don't worry! Now it will be easier than ever with the weekly calendar laid out for you. Plus there are new recipes in each meal plan AND they come complete with a grocery list!

Weekly Discussions and Check-ins

We walk through how the meal plans are working, figure out how to overcome any stumbling blocks and most importantly, celebrate those successes!

3 Group Zoom Calls

Three group zoom calls to touch base and support each other throughout the 8 weeks. These calls will take place the middle of Weeks 2, 5, and 8.

Prize Giveaways

Fun surprises for your participation in the Facebook group discussions/check-ins.

Investment for this
AMAZING 8 week program:
  • Only $498 for 8 weeks of Nutrition Simplified

  • Payment is divided between 2 monthly payments of $249

Intrigued but still not sure if Nutrition Simplified is right for you? 

I totally get it! You want to talk it out before you can decide if this program will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


I'm the same way!

Let's book a FREE Discovery Call and see if Nutrition Simplified is the right fit for your personal health journey! 


When does the program run? 

It runs from Monday October 10th through Sunday December 4th. 

Week 1: 10/10 - 10/16 

Week 2: 10/17 - 10/23 

Week 3: 10/24 - 10/30

Week 4: 10/31 - 11/6

Week 5: 11/7 - 11/13

Week 6: 11/14 - 11/20

Week 7: 11/21 - 11/27

Week 8: 11/28 - 12/4

When will I receive each meal plan?

They will be sent out the Thursday before the start of each week (Monday). This will give everyone time to grocery shop and meal prep on either Saturday or Sunday.

You will receive 4 new and different meal plans for Weeks 1-4 and then we will cycle back through the meal plans for Weeks 5-8. 

What if I can't make a zoom meeting?

Since this is a small group setting, we can usually find a day/time that is convenient for everyone. 

However, if you can't make a zoom, a recording of the call will be sent to all participants so you can watch the playback. 

What if I don't have Facebook? 

All group coaching takes place in our private Facebook Group. No one but the participants can see the posts and other activity within the group. 

If you don't have a Facebook account, I'm more than happy to help you create one for the purpose of participating in the group. 

How much of a time committment is the program? 

We're all busy! I get it :) We have kids, family, work, other obligations, etc.! 

I've kept all that in mind as I created the structure of this program. We don't have zooms just to chat and the Facebook posts have an accountability purpose.

That being said - the more you give, the more you get out of the program! So keep an open mind and give it a try!

What if I can't cook EVERY meal in the meal plan EVERY week? 

No worries! Most participants pick and choose the ones that work best for their family's tastes and time commitments. 

This isn't about being perfect - that's unattainable! This program is about finding the best routine for YOU! 


If you've read this far, you now have all the details and information on Nutrition Simplified


So what's stopping you from grabbing your spot today?

If you're waiting for life to get less busy or the "right time" to focus on you...I can promise you that will never happen. 

We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of our family.

We have to MAKE today the "right time" because if we don't put our own health first, then who will? 

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes
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