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Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Meal Prepping

How to Meal Prep to Set Yourself Up for a Chaos-Free Week of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

Have you always wanted to learn how to meal prep healthy foods for your family but never knew how or where to start?

Are you a mom who wants to feed your family healthier meals, with less processed food, but you don't have time to look for recipes and plan meals?

Do you want to stop throwing together meals at the last minute that leave you and your family feeling unsatisfied?

Are you tired of not knowing how to answer the eternal question: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

What is included within the guide? 

  1. My Top 15 "How to Meal Prep" Tips 

  2. Week 1 Meal Plan 

  3. Week 1 Grocery List 

  4. Week 1 Recipes

  5. Prep Guide for Week 1 Meal Plan 

  6. Week 2 Meal Plan 

  7. Week 2 Grocery List

  8. Week 2 Recipes 

  9. Prep Guide for Week 2 Meal Plan 

  10. ** BONUS ** 15 Snack and Dessert Recipes (Perfect for After School and On-the-go!)

  11. ** BONUS ** Meal Plan & Prep Guide Templates so you can print off and customize your own plan!

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes
You get this entire guide (over 60 pages!) for ONLY $37! 
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Sneak Peek into what the guide looks like!

This is the perfect guide for beginners to learn how to meal prep.

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes

Hi, I'm Ashley!

And you're probably wondering how I'm qualified to help you reach your health and wellness goals...

Well, I'm a certified Holistic Nutritionist through the AFPA and I started Optimum Life Holistics in April 2021. Since then I've been helping my clients cut out processed foods and focus more on whole, nourishing foods through personalized meal plans and 1:1 nutrition coaching. My focus is on finding a sustainable routine that will work long-term for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. 

I have been meal prepping on and off for years but once I had my two boys, I realized just how crucial it was to the success of our healthy eating. During the weeks I carve out time for planning and prepping, our meal times are so much calmer AND we eat better, more nourishing foods. I'd love to help you find the best way to achieve a routine of meal prepping that fits your schedule and lifestyle! I know you can learn how to meal prep quickly and efficiently - even as a beginner.

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Wondering what past clients have to say about my meal plans? 

Working with Ashley has been very helpful. She is accommodating, flexible and easy to work with. The meal plans she created for me and my family have been easy to use, offer a good variety and are delicious.


As a busy mom, I don’t have too much time to plan, prep and cook meals. This eliminates the planning step and includes healthy but quick meals.


Ashley’s guidance has helped us get into a good eating routine- helpful for my current health needs, and the long term health of our family.


How do I access the guide once I purchase it?

An email is immediately sent to you upon purchase with a dropbox link to access the pdf. 

You will then be able to download/print it as you like. 

What kind of recipes are in the meal plans? Meat-based, vegetarian, vegan?

The recipes are a mix of plant-based and ones containing meat. However, you could easily sub the meat in/out of a recipe for tofu/beans/legumes depending on your preference. 

The recipes are not vegan. 

What if I need help implementing the meal plans and prepping? 

I've made this guide as comprehensive as possible! 

But obviously questions arise! Should you require further help, you can always reach out to me via email ( and I'm more than happy to troubleshoot any small issues that may arise. 

If you feel like you need more extensive help, please check out my 1:1 nutrition coaching packages!


If you've read this far, you now have all the details and information on The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Meal Prepping


So what's stopping you from grabbing your copy today?

If you're waiting for life to get less busy so you can finally start meal prepping...well, we know that's never going to happen! 


We have to MAKE THE TIME!  

So grab your copy today and take the first step towards creating healthy, nutritious meals for your family! 

After going through the guide, you won't be a beginner anymore!

Holistic Nutritionist | Easy Family Recipes
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